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Afters original is a very unique brand, being one of the largest dessert based businesses in the UK, it sets its own benchmarks and has created a completely new vision. We firmly believe the significant potential, which exists for the growth of Afters Original in the UK and worldwide markets, has just started and is far from being realised. Becoming part of a modern and unique brand is not for everyone. It's a long term commitment, with the need of a significant financial investment and a hard working/hands on approach.


Becoming part of a unique progressive brand can be very rewarding, but it does come with commitment and responsibility. The opportunity does come as a hands on management approach, running your own Afters Original franchise does mean leading your team to providing the highest standards and customer service on every visit. We dont just accept anyone, we look for people/companies with succesful careers or businesses, who can demonstrate successful leadership. Our company is always keen to hear from potential franchisees (individuals or businesses) who can offer:

  • Ability to provide the highest levels of customer service
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Commitment to developing people
  • Strong belief in our brand
  • Significant financial investment
  • Proven management cababilities
  • High personal integrity


The initial one off franchise fee is £20,000 and there after the cost of a parlour can range from £125,000 upwards, depending on the size, design and features. There are on going fees such as service fee and marketing spend, which can be discussed further. With our unique concept, we have oppurtuities in a variety of locations such as high streets, shopping centres, airports and many other retailing spots.


After joining us as a franchisee, you will benefit from an excellent training programme, designed to help you take advantage of our proven system. We provide ongoing support and training to help you succeed with your business throughout the term. Our company will inform you of all newly sourced products and ingredients and demonstrate new techniques and procedures to present our amazing products.

Whilst allowing you to the flexibility to run your own business, we provide first class training programmes and management tools for you to progress further and become an important part of this ultimate growing brand.

The following requirements must be met before proceeding:

  • You have never been declared bankrupt
  • You have never had a business failure
  • You have never been convicted of a criminal offense
  • You can commit to working within the business
  • You can be flexible with locations
  • You have the significant capital required


TEL: 07738 726 754
10am - 6pm.